Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Fashion Mavericks Seminar & Workshops

We know how hard it is for designers to get their business model together and to understand how best to maximise and reach their brand business goals.

Designers are always faced with a number of dynamic issues to ensure they make a profit while spending a lot of money on creating their collections and introducing the label to the trade and public.

To assist in meeting these challenges, Fashion Mavericks will be setting up a number of workshops and seminars on how to present their label to the market place and equip designers with practicle business skills.

The workshops will also look at how designers can maximise the opportunity of showing during Fashion Week by discussing What buyers look for and how designers can prepare and present their collection.

Going forward, Fashion Mavericks will also have workshops on how to introduce and present your self to press and buyers, manufacturing and what to do after fashion week is over.

Designers who book to showcase during Season 5 this February will be automatically given a free spot to the first series of seminars lead by a leading expert within fashion retail management.

For more information and to register your interest designers can contact Jacqueline Adholla (jacqueline (at) Fashion Mavericks dot com

First Seminar will take place early February.

If you wish to only attend the seminar the cost will be £15

Free Seminar for all designers showcasing with us this February 2012

As a bonus, all designers who sign up will receive a free seminar with an industry specialist.

The seminar allows designers to prepare themselves and understand the opportunity when exhibiting during Fashion Week.

Equip designers with practical tools on how to grow their brand

What to expect when approached by buyers

Preparing and presenting your collection to trade

Cost to just attend the seminar is £15

Exhibiting at Fashion Mavericks

Exhibiting with Fashion Mavericks allows you to:

  • be present during LFW
  • work with a PR firm to promote label during Fashion Week
  • have a space where you can Invite buyers, press and potential customers to veiw your collection
  • meet new people in the same industry
  • have a creative space for you to have a live installation with live models (Contact team for details)


Website: www.fashionmavericks.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fashion-Mavericks/323615921618

Twitter: www.twitter.com/FashionMavricks

for more information or to discuss options available send an email to info@fashionmavericks.com

What exactly is Fashion Mavericks.........

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Design communication and how that affects new designers

It is not so much that my creative and logical minds conflict, more that they like to work in different ways. When I am being artistic,  I wholeheartedly immerse myself into a stream of creativity. The internal process that we go through as artists, is no less than deep as we often create from our subconscious. Therefore, to strategize creativity is complex because not only does it contrast with our initial interpretation of it, it also never seems to quite do it justice.   Design communication (or public relations as it is called in layman's terms) merges creativity and logic. It is about appreciating a work of art and communicating its presence. Could there be a task more fabulous than that? After all, it is vital that beauty is advocated; but equally vital is that we are 'outside' that beauty. One of the reasons I enjoy working with new designers so much is because often, they possess this raw energy that has not yet been cultivated by the business world. And that is important because whilst having an understanding of business is good, it is essential that you don't lose your sense as a designer first and foremost. For that reason, it is important to have objective eyes which comprehend your brand and can translate its message to the right people.   So often is PR overlooked; but I implore you to appreciate what I stand for; that our design addiction is fuelled by communication and that without it, we would live in a world where the most phenomenal collections go unnoticed and brilliant talent, diminished. That, my darlings, is the importance of design communication.

Francesca Barrow, Founder of Façonner

Monday, 23 May 2011

Faconner joins Fashion Mavericks to support designers

façonner is a fashion and interior design company. appertaining to the meaning of its name 'to shape, to fashion, to mould, to manufacture', its purpose is to advocate good design. it achieves this by being comprised of four different sectors; pr, editorial, boutique and styling.

façonner's pr sector is fueled by a distinct passion for brands and mastery of communication. it is segregated into two parts. 'practiced designers' sustain the beauty of their brand whilst their strengths are emphasized and communicated to the right markets. 'new designers' are selectively developed; their work exhibited to the design world.

Monday, 9 May 2011


September 2011
Season 4
Strand Palace Hotel

Request an application form via info@fashionmavericks.com

Feedback from Season 3 designer Susana Bettencourt

"I really enjoyed my two days at Fashion Mavericks, the event was well organized. With the white catwalk I got the advantage of good pictures for my catalog and press; with all the exhibition I had the opportunity to talk personally with people and explain my vision and my concept. I had the press contacting me after the show requesting garments was a another success"

What has doing Fashion Mavericks meant to you? "It meant my first step as a independent designer"

See Susana's collection shown at Fashion Mavericks on Vogue.com and GlamourMagazine.co.uk